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Texas Pride - Kindle Alexander My suggestion is: just don't bother reading this book. I made to the end through sheer force of will.

I mean, two extremely closeted men that get together so quickly you barely have time to blink. The same with the relationship. Less than a week goes by and there's already talks about commitment and so many corny and cheesy lines that I wanted to choke. I just don't buy it. And there's simply no time for you to get to know the characters as individuals and to want to root for them as a couple - and frankly I don't even understand why they are so interested in each other in the first place apart from sexual attraction and the convenience of being neighbors.

And Austin is just so arrogant and whinny, argh! I just couldn't make myself like him. And maybe I'm being naive, but the security the guy has in his house seems more appropriate for the president than for an actor.

To top it off, there are a lot of plot holes and the drama comes way too late in the story and badly planned.