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The Truth about Riley - Henrietta Clarke In general it was a good read. Some might think a bit repetitive and too long - the MCs get together literally on the last scene -, but that didn't bother me until I read how the ending played out. Riley is immensely insecure about his appearance due to burn scars that cover half his face. Due to that, he seldom goes out and is only semi-comfortable around his family and best friend. He falls in love with Cameron over the phone, but firmly believes he will be rejected if Cam sees him in person and that no person could love somebody that looks like him. In some level I think we all can relate to this type feeling, so it was really interesting to read a story where self-deprecation is so strong that disrupts so much a person's life. To what I didn't like: the ending. Ok, so in the last scene they have sex while Cam wears a blind fold, and Riley has a magical epiphany that 'wow' I am deserving of love, I am loved' and let his boyfriend see him?. I was so annoyed by this, it was just so sudden! In the pages leading up to this point Riley there was no indication showing that he was feeling ready to show his face to Cameron. So what was that!!? And then a cut to the end , showing absolutely nothing of what happens next?? I was so frustrated!