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Ian's Choice - Odessa Lynne Mm, what a weird feeling.I liked this book. I found the premise and the fact the author created an alien race similar to what we call werewolves very interesting. And still if I stop to think about it, there were a lot of things in this story that I don't like and that usually make me give a low rating. Let's see.The book is very introspective. And some times this is tiring and made me skip a couple of paragraphs, as we keep hearing the same thinking from the MC over and over. The concept of mating is confusing. I don't know if it's written in a way so that we feel the same confusion of the MC or not, but I felt lost a couple of times.I don't really understand why Ian liked Craig and chose him in the end. Even though Craig is a MC, his appearances are very limited and consisted only of sex / rough scenes or taking-care-of-Ian scenes. I mean, who is he really?The ending came out of nowhere. I felt there was still a lot to learn from the characters.