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For Certain Values of Family - Manna Francis I read all the books in the series in a go, so I decided to put my few general inputs here together.

Though I liked the series the most prominent feelings I had while reading were frustration and incompleteness (is that even a feeling LOL?).

It was too fragmented, like every time we were getting somewhere, it was over. Or copped out.

And repetitive. My God. A fight, brooding, time apart, fucking, everything is okay, some progress, and then a withdrawal.

Maybe it is my fault and I started the series with the wrong expectations, but often the main reason I read a book is because of the romantic relationship between the MCs. And I guess that here lay the problem. For starters there was comparatively so little of them together. And between Toreth's psych profile and Warrick being either the most accommodating, patient, selfless, almost-earning-his-sainthood man ever or seemingly to simply not really care that much, I was perpetually distressed.

The Administration has been recommended to me, directly and indirectly, by several people but I always put off reading it. I enjoyed it, but I just didn't buy into the fad.