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As Natural As Breathing - Thianna D. Some problems I had with this book:a) From standing up to homophobic pricks a so far straight Christian starts to suddenly doubt his own sexuality. And in the time frame of two weeks after meeting Logan, he goes from being confused to dating and coming out to his family. I mean, really? Not only that, his parents suspected his new found sexuality as did his eight-years-together ex-fiance.b) I'm not trying to minimize his suffering in the war, because I think any amount of time in this type of situation must be horrible. But Christian comes back home a totally different person, traumatized. And it has only been ten months, half of which he was in a hospital. Again, not trying to minimize the suffering, but his behaviour and PTSD just seems so unbelievable. I wish the author had made his tour longer.c) How is it that everybody seems to know Christian was attacked in the army for "being gay"? It doesn't seem like something he'd go around telling people, but Logan and his parents know about it even before they met Chris. If the Darringers knew wouldn't the problems with Brian begin sooner? And aside from that, I really doubt that the army would disclose what happened to cause the injures apart from "it was friendly fire".d) When Christian comes back he has to live with his parents, something that he complains about. But he is 26 turning 27 years old. He is not some high school graduate. What did he do before? I assume he has some type of military pension, but doesn't he have savings, or a place where he lived before?e) Let's not mention how exaggerated Logan's parents were, from the Christmas love (giving presents every year to every children in the hospital and the giant party) to the talking-about-spanking-with-my-son. I believe in liberal parents, but they were just too much for me.e) I was disappointed because I thought the book would involve the subject of domestic discipline, but it barely mentioned it.