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Chateau d'Eternite - Ariel Tachna Ugh, I'm having a tough time with this one!For instance, the premise of Russ' time travelling abilities and how the Chateau d'Eternité was able to find him in the first place was laughable. It actually made me want to give up on the book. I mean, just how would an organization with no apparent funding be able to screen the entire human population in search of people who had this ability? And considering genetic screenings are not part of a regular medical check up, in which manner would they be able to know who had the DNA mutation? And how would they be alerted? Again, billions of people, no apparent source of money. Is it some type of global conspiracy? The best well-kept secret ever? And aside of making people be able to time-travel this genetic mutation makes them an universal translator as well?? And not only are people gifted with this skill due to a chromosome error, but the villa itself is magical too! It somehow allows people to not only cross time, but through space too! And the only explanation for this phenomena is "That doesn't-" “Make sense,” Bernard finished. “I didn’t say it made sense. I said it’s the way it is [...]" Well, thanks for that! I'm probably being annoying, but the way some characters talked! And okay, for the Ancient Rome characters one could say it's just to set a mood, but what about Bernard? Russ at one point thought "but something in the way Quentus watched him with eagle-sharp eyes made Russ treat it with gravitas anyway.". Are you serious he said that to himself? I think I have never heard anyone in real life say gravitas in their day-to-day but maybe I'm just hanging with the wrong crowd. These type of things made feel as if the author grabbed a synonym dictionary and started changing words to make the book sound more serious.After Russ travels to the Roman Empire, the story gets more interesting. But again there are some annoying factors, like why would a person of Quentus station - or any person for that matter -, take a virtual stranger to their home and want them to stay there indefinitely? And the MCs relationship seems to have had good sex as its foundations. Also, the ending was to me a little unsatisfactory.And I'm sorry because I know I must sound like a bitch, but that's why I'm gonna have this sit for a while and rate when I can feel more clear headed and not so emotional.EDIT: After some time I decided to give this a one star. There were parts that I enjoyed in this book, yes, but unfortunately they weren't enough to make me forget all the things that I didn't like in the story. I hope I'm being fair!