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The Gifted One - Jacob Z. Flores I'm just so sad. This book had so many elements to make me absolutely love it, but by the end I was feeling just so disappointed and a general clusterfuck of what-the-F-is-going-on that I couldn't give it more than a one star rating.First don't let the blurb distract you, it oversells the story and makes it sound much more interesting than it turns out to be, unfortunately. Btw, I really want to know just who writes all the great blurbs you see around. That seems like a person who would author an awesome book!But I deter myself, let's get back on track. I don't have the pages to give you, so let me just divide my reading experience like this:THE BEGINNINGReads a lot like a slice-of-life, but not a very good one. You go through almost every single aspect of Matthew's day - including a " [...] before heading out of the bedroom, out of his apartment, and onto the streets of Houston." - and the plot promised on the blurb is mostly forgotten in lieu of superfluous scenes and over-the-top detailing.And it's really confusing. After reading the first chapter, you have all this questions of what happened to Matthew's life (the whats, whos, hows, whens and whys) and these are set aside perhaps to create an air of mystery in the story, but to me it was annoying and just made me feel lost.THE MIDDLEWhen Gabriel enters the story it gets more interesting, both in plot developing and the romance aspects, but there still were many scenes that could have been cut off, and frankly the reactions of some of the characters were not believable to me.And speaking of Gabriel. He and Matt have this eternal-true-love deal going on, but they were together on only a few scenes. What is up with that??THE ENDINGI don't even know what to write here. I respect the author for trying to use Christian mythology, but there was maybe too much of that. I was raised in a Catholic family, so the general lines that were written were familiar to me, and reading them in this book just made me bored. And at one point the angels / demons / good / evil / etc babble just took over to the point it almost became a circus. I felt like I was watching some sort of Christian faith based Saint Seiya anime.And I'm not going to spoil it, but about what happened at the very end: are you serious? I don't know if it made more angry or disappointed.ETCMaybe the problems I had with this book were mostly due to the writing style, I don't know. I felt it was repetitive and had too much detailing, which are things that tend to get me frustrated and annoyed - I had actually started to mentally check the same expressions and descriptions being used more than once. The skips in POV may have also contributed to my bad experience.