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Until Forever Comes - Cardeno C. I love Cardeno C., I have read all of the author's books. That being said, when I read Wake me Up Inside I figured that Ethan and Miguel's story would be up next and I wasn't that excited to learn about it. I was pleasantly surprised, because they ended up being such sweet characters and such a cute couple. I love the idea of Ethan having too much blood and Miguel having too intense a thirst and how they balanced each other, although I would have loved an explanation of why they had these ailments.I just wished there was a bit more. In the conflicts and their solution. In the plot. To me the book fell short of being great because it piled on too many sex scenes and sugar and not enough plot development and conflict, which was a shame. Anyway, all in all it was a cute and sweet read and if there's a next book in the series I will be sure to read it.