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Caged - Michele L. Montgomery I have some serious mixed feelings about this one! I really wanted to love it, because the blurb was amaazing, the writing was great and cried a few times while reading it, but that were some things that just did not sit well with me and left me wondering.. -I really liked the prologue, but I didn't understand the purpose of showing how the MCs met considering that in chapter one we're already three years into their relationship. The way I see it, the scene in the prologue has little consequence to the rest of the story with the exception of introducing the potential stalker-dom in Dwight, and I think there probably were better ways to display this.-Both Chris and his father have bodyguards of their own for a reason, - Christian alone had what, 4? - and they can dismiss them so easily? And I know that in extreme situations sometimes we do things without thinking them through, but during the attack, I just can't understand what possessed Niccholas to try to immobilize the assailant with the gun considering there were two bad guys. I mean, what did he expect to happen?-At first Luccas has mixed feelings when he discovers the secrets in Chris' diary, that include his fantasies and kinks, and suddenly he is a dom?-The answer to help a person who was kept as slave is to almost replicate the situation by taking the victim against his will to a location and imposing a 24/7 submission that albeit without a cage, physical torture and rape has a lot of the same principles with the whole punishing/rewarding system in its rules?-And I have to ask what the heck happened to Jonas and Seb and all the other victims? No one mentioned them again.. Did the fbi just bust in shooting in Dwight's basement just to save Chris :( ?