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An Unconventional Courtship - Scotty Cade I like romantic books, I really do. But oh my, I never saw so much sugar in one book. It not only gave me cavities - I had a diabetic coma reading it, and not in a good way.The part before Tristan knows his love is reciprocated is basically an ode to Web's smile. And after, it's just promises of eternal love, exaggerated romantic gestures (like a display of fireworks in a HEART formation) and tears. And when there's finally a potential plot, with the outing and the fraud in Web's company, the book ends. Did I wake up on the wrong side of the bed before reading this book? The ratings are so good, but 80% of its contents is just lovey-lovey-kissy-kissy to the point that I went nuts! Aside from the prologue, there isn't really a background so we get to know the MCs better and they were just flat. To top it all, it isn't really explained how they came to love one another. Apparently they just did, at first sight.