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Torn - Sage Whistler Okay,this book was probably a waste of my time and even though it was only 100 pages long, I wanted to give up reading. Incest - even more, twincest! - is probably one of the most taboo things you can write about, but the book was so BLAH! A few things that bothered me:a) a pet peeve of mine: both MCs had their names starting with the same letter. Matbe it was also due to the fact I didn`t enjoy the book, but I kep forgetting who was who.b) the fact that the MCs kept refering to each other in their thoughts as 'my twin' ALL the time. Also, is it just me or did they change personalities?? Wasn`t Jamie supposed to be the outgoing and Joshua the quiet one?c) both Reid and Emilio and Karla got over really quickly and with almost no amount of bad reactions to the news when they found out about the twincest. d) after the MCs got together, it was sex, sex, sex the rest of the time. I mean, for such a small book, shouldn`t the author concentrate more on the plot and character development? Not only that, the sex scenes were so boring I skipped most of them.