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Enraptured - Scarlet Hyacinth I wish that I was a better writer or that Goodreads was a site in my native language so that I could better convey what a utter pile of shite this book was. Seriously, I beg to whoever might read this review to NOT waste your money or your time with this so called book. JUST DON'T BUY IT, PLEASE!I don't even know how to begin expressing my distaste.The basic idea behind this story is usually a sure fire winner with me: bastard prince left in some far-off place where he is mistreated and told he will have to "marry" his tormentor, but a chance meeting brings the love of his life and an opportunity of happiness if only they can overcome all the obstacles on their way. I mean, not exactly refreshing but it's a classic plot and one that I love, so where could the author go wrong?Hmm, let's see:a) Character development - there's noneb) the bad guys are so forced they end cartoonishc) the writing style is confusingd) there are Grand-Canyon-sized holes in the storye) the intrigues of the story are forgotten and them brought up again and at some point there it seems you're reading two books at the same timef) explanations are cut off in the narration or simply not given g) although the characters are alien races they speak like the basic American teenager and even use Internet/texting slang h) the story ends abruptly and the epilogue is not really an epiloguei) there are several issues not solved and worked out by the end of the storyj) ad æternumI made a point to read this to the end just so to be able to say: yeah, it really sucks and now I shall ask Amazon for a refund.All the editors and people involved in producing this book at Siren should be ashamed of themselves and be fired for putting this thing for sale.