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Jesse - Jan  Irving I'm on the fence about rating this book. The story was nice enough, but I had some problems with all the main character's constructions .Kyle, for instance is 44 and is a fairly experienced man - he had at least one previous serious relationship and is out to his hometown, yet he comes off a bit juvenile? I know that insecurities aren't bound by age, but his didn't seem consistent with a man with his past.Jessse: In the prologue it is said "Jesse had tried to lose this need, this unending want, in other men. Yet even after three years, he could never sleep with anyone, his body absurdly acting like it was claimed." and well this gives me the understanding that the guy is a virgin, yet in the following chapters he turns out to be super experienced in sex and BDSM? After that I didn't know just what to think. David: the subplot involving him was so... Sloppy. First of all he is not a little child anymore, he is 15 years old, but falls for some half-baked threat by one of his father's pals and never stops to think why he is working in Kyle's ranch in the first place or to tell anyone? And them the runaway dad comes back to set the place on fire? I mean.. Why? It was such a random thing for a character that only appeared on the book in flashbacks and it was such a obvious tool to create some tension but it didn't have any good support in the story, so it ended up looking like a random situation thrown in there for dramatic appeal.And what was the telepathy thing about? It didn't have any explanation or exploration, it was just a magic thing the guys could do and that nobody gave much thought about.