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Melting the Ice Witch - Mell Eight This book has a very different tone and pace from the others in the series, and I enjoyed that. I really like reading about the tribe and the many battles they faced to live in the middle of the Ice Wastes with very little magic at their disposal. That's why I'm sad that Kam and Lor, supposedly the main characters of this title, were thrown to side for other things. I feel I barely know who they are are - and that's why I would have prefered if the characters fromm the previous' books hadn't shown their faces here, even though I love them all. However, I loved hearing about the Eldest and the White Dragon. I felt they had so much to tell. It'd be really amazing having a story from the POV of the Eldest, showing moments in the thousands of years he has lived.@Mell Eight - I know this is the end of the series, but I still hope you'd make a little epilogue or whatever telling us about Tori when he grows up!